New Hampshire Health Careers Catalog
New Hampshire Area Health Education (AHEC) centers hope that the NH Health Careers Catalog will spark your interest as you explore careers in health care. You will find resources to use in your search for a health career. Talk to your guidance counselor or school-to-career counselor about your interests. Call the academic institutions and professional associations listed in this catalog for more information on any health career you may be interested in.

The Program includes a central administrative office located at Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, and two Centers, the Northern New Hampshire AHEC in Littleton (serving Coos, Carroll, Grafton and Belknap counties), and the Southern New Hampshire AHEC in Raymond (serving Merrimack, Strafford, Hillsborough, Cheshire, Rockingham and Sullivan counties).

Northern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center
Northern NH AHEC promotes quality health care for the region's rural population by supporting primary care and health and human service professionals with access to continuing education, library, and information resources. Additionally, it supports the recruitment of health care professionals by promoting health careers to area students and placing health profession students in community training sites.

Southern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center
The Southern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center (AHEC) is a community-based organization currently serving Sullivan, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Strafford, Cheshire and Rockingham counties.

Its mission is to develop, promote and coordinate community and academic multidisciplinary partnerships for health professions education. Its focus is on underserved communities and providing education and training opportunities for students, practicing health professionals and members of southern New Hampshire communities.
Thinking about relocating to the Granite State? Here's information that might be useful.

New Hampshire ranked as "the most livable state" in 3 of the last 6 years. We rank first in child and family well-being. We're the healthiest state in the nation. Our taxes are low, the landscape is spectacular, we have a vibrant economy and a great healthcare system. That's all part of "The New Hampshire Advantage."

Some facts worth considering:

-- We occupy 17 miles of beautiful New England coastline.
-- Pine and hardwood forests cover about 75% of the landscape.
-- We have the highest and most spectacular mountains in New England.
-- We have about 11,000 miles of rivers and streams.
-- We have over 150,000 acres of lakes and ponds.
-- Over 90% of our rivers, streams, lakes and ponds exceed federal standards.
-- About 1,140,000 people live here.
-- Our median age is the youngest in New England.
-- We're among the top 10 states for high school graduation rates.
-- We're among the top 5 states on SAT test performance.
-- We have fine boarding schools, including Phillips Exeter Academy and St. Paul's School.
-- We're served by 32 colleges including Dartmouth, and a fine state university system.
-- We rank 13th in percent of population graduating from college.
-- The average home price is $150,250, compared to $225,540 in Massachusetts.
-- The average apartment rent is $610, compared to $1,025 in Massachusetts.
-- Our crime rate is among the lowest in the nation.
-- About 632,000 of our residents are in the labor force.
-- We enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the nation.
-- We're tied with Delaware for lowest poverty rate in the nation.
-- The statewide unemployment rate of 3.9% ranges from 2.5% to 5.3% by county.
-- We rank eighth in per capital income, with it increasing by about 6.2% annually.
-- About 48,000 residents are employed in health services, about 19,000 of those in hospitals.
-- We have 26 general acute care hospitals and a variety of government and specialty hospitals.
-- The statewide average annual salary in New Hampshire hospitals is about $35,000.
-- There are about 116,000 acute care admissions and 471,000 days of care delivered annually.
-- About 88% of our population has some form of health insurance.
-- Acute care hospitals deliver over $60,000,000 in charity care annually.
-- We rank at or near the top in health statistics from prenatal care to premature death.
-- We have about 240 physicians per 100,000 population.
-- We have one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation.
-- We have no broad based sales or income taxes.
-- We do tax rooms and meals, interest and dividends and business profits.
-- Municipalities set local property tax rates based on an annual budget.
-- Property tax rates average about $26/$1,000, ranging generally from $20 to $40/$1,000.
-- The federal government collects about $5.9 billion in federal taxes in New Hampshire.
-- The federal government spends about $4.6 billion in New Hampshire.

Try first-rate commercial airline service into our largest airport at Manchester for a visit.