The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Office of Operations Support, Bureau of Licensing & Certification, released its 2015 Adverse Event Report earlier today for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

Since January 2010, NH hospitals and ASCs have been reporting adverse events to the Bureau of Health Facilities Certification as required by RSA 151: 38.   Of the 64 events reported for 2015, down from 73 reported events in 2014, there were three major areas that amounted to 83% of the total events:  falls (33%), pressure ulcers (34%) and surgical events (16%).

“Our providers remain committed to identifying best practices and collaborating on patient safety interventions to reduce infections and medical errors, and we commend them for their continued efforts,” stated NHHA President, Steve Ahnen.  “We’re pleased to see a 12% decrease in total adverse events in 2015 over last year, as it demonstrates the commitment of our hospitals to deliver safer, higher-quality care to all of their patients, every day.”

New Hampshire hospitals have been participating in the Partnership for Patients initiative, a national program of the Health Research and Education Trust that aims to reduce both hospital readmissions and adverse events among hospital patients.  Since 2011, New Hampshire hospitals have engaged in collaborative patient safety and quality efforts that have resulted in $41.3 million in healthcare costs savings and 5,041 adverse events avoided.  By fundamentally changing the way healthcare is delivered to their patients, New Hampshire hospitals continue to achieve significant results in providing safer, higher quality care.


Download the 2015 Adverse Event Report