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Southern New Hampshire Medical Center

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Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
8 Prospect Street, PO Box 2014
Nashua, NH  03061   

(603) 577-2000


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        Michael Rose
         President and CEO               

Title Name

President & CEO

Michael Rose

Senior Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Paul Trainor

President & CEO, Foundation Medical Partners and Senior Vice President, Southern New Hampshire Health

Susan DeSocio

Vice President, Human Resources

Jacqueline Wooley

Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

Cheryl Gagne, RN

Vice President, Development and External Affairs

Stephanie Wolf-Rosenblum, MD

Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Medical Information Officer

Andrew Watt, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Foundation Medical Partners

Robert Dorf, DO

Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Services / General Counsel

Kathryn Skouteris

Vice President, Finance & Affiliated Practices, FMP

Katherine Bellemare

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Tate Curti, MHSA

Associate Vice President, Medical Affairs &  Chief Quality Officer

Corin DeChirico, DO

Medical Director, Hospitalist Medicine

Kamrul Islam, DO

Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, SNHMC

Kenneth Howe, MD

Associate Vice President, Emergency Medicine, Emergency Department Medical Director

Joseph Leahy, DO

Vice President, Facilities & Emergency Preparedness

Scott Cote

Vice President, Marketing

Suzanne Tammaro

Associate Vice President, Strategy & Business Development and Surgical Services

Elizabeth Armstrong