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Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center

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Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center
One Verney Drive
Greenfield, NH 03047

(603) 547-3311
FAX: (603) 547-3232



Michael Coughlin web
Michael Coughlin
President & CEO

Title Extension Name
President & CEO 1600 Michael Coughlin
Assistant to the President 1475 Deb DeCicco
Senior Vice President, Administration 1616 Michael A. Terrian
Chief of Strategy, Hospital & Clinical Services 1479  Michael Redmond
Chief Medical Officer 1445 Frederick Bruch, Jr., M.D., FACP, CPE
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer 1508 Scott Graff
Vice President, Community Services 622-5900 Lisa Perales, RN
Vice President, Information Services 1530 Jerry Hunter
Vice President, Development 1485 Kevin Harte
Director, Nursing  2002 Jill Biggane, RN, BSN, CCM, CRRN
Interim Director, Human Resources 1580 Jonathan Dash
Director, Clinical & Rehabilitation Services 1841 Linda Murphy
Admissions Coordinator 2010 Heidi Flagg
Chair, School & Community Living 1202 Melissa White
Vice President, Innovation 226-2900 Jonathan Eriquezzo
Director, Building Services 2120 John Parisi
Director, Pediatric Care 2009 Chris McCartie, M.D.
Trustee Chair   Nancy VanVranken
Trustee Secretary   Benjamin F. Gayman, Esq.