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Catholic Medical Center

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Catholic Medical Center
100 McGregor Street
Manchester, NH 03102

(603) 668-3545
FAX: (603) 668-5348


Joe Pepe Joseph Pepe, MD
President & CEO

Title Extension Name
President & CEO 663-6551 Joseph Pepe, MD
Senior Executive Assistant 663-6552 Dorothy Welsh
Executive Vice President/CFO 663-6180 Edward Dudley III
Executive Vice President, Operations and Strategic Development 663-6040 Alexander J. Walker, Esq.
Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations/CNO 663-6490 Robert Duhaime
Senior Vice President, Provider Network Operations & Integration 663-6436 Carolanne O'Sullivan
Vice President, Information Services 663-5332 Tom Della Flora
Vice President, Medical Affairs/CMO 314-4589 William Goodman, MD
Vice President, Operations/Surgical Services 663-6910 Mary Beth Jenkins
Vice President, Strategy 663-6562 Sue Manning
Vice President, Operations/Emergency Services 663-6474 Lu Mulla
Vice President, Human Resources 663-6590 Merryll Rosenfeld
Assistant General Counsel and Director, Corporate Compliance 663-6651 Jessica Arvanitis, Esq.
Executive Director, Primary Care & Community Services 663-8709 Paul Mertzic
Executive Director, Laboratory Services 663-5362  
Executive Director, Nursing Services 663-7948 Jennifer Torosian
Clinical Director, Imaging Services 663-6086 Marcy Rushford
Director, Respiratory 663-2067 Paul Blais
Director, Health Information Services 663-6518 Lea Bruch
Director, Pharmacy 663-2001 Barbara Case
Director, Behavioral Health Services 663-6935 Christine Dubois
Director, Telecommunications 663-6700 Colette Comtois
Director, Security  663-6511 John Patti
Director, Philanthropy 663-6056 Keri Degen
Director, Materials Management 663-6260 Christine Eno
Director, Physician Recruitment 663-6739 Janet Frongillo
Director, Physician Recruitment 663-6739 Janet Frongillo
Director, Office of Catholic Identity 663-6440 Marc Guillemette
General Manager, Facilities Management 663-6640 Mark Yerrick
Supervisor, Mammography Services 663-8152 Marguerite Pilotte
Interim Director, Marketing Communications 663-8164 Michelle Marshall
Director, Ambulatory Finance 663-6383 Thomas Coate
Director, Admission Services 663-6447 Peggy Piecuch
Director, Medical Staff Services 663-7824 Christine Senko
Director, Rehab 663-6697 Kim Cummings
Controller, Finance Services 663-8779 Pamela Martel
Director, Infection Control 663-6374 Karen Kennett
Director, Employment/Employee Relations 663-6642 Scott Watkins
Director, Patient Accounts 663-8776 Gale Wendell
Director, Social Services 663-2071 Georgelyn Wizner
Office of Patient Experience 663-6069 Anastasia Luby