A Salute to New Hampshire’s Veterans!

As we celebrate this Veteran’s Day, the women and men who provide care and service in New Hampshire’s hospitals wish to salute all those who have served our state and our nation.  Your dedication and commitment for this nation are an inspiration to all and an important reminder of the sacrifices that have been made to secure and strengthen our freedoms as Americans.  We are grateful for and indebted to you for your service.

This past year, the New Hampshire Hospital Association’s (NHHA) Board of Trustees endorsed two very important initiatives that are important to highlight as we honor our Veterans.  The first, Hospitals for Heroes, was designed to signal to all that hospitals in New Hampshire are here to care for those who served and sacrificed so much for us.  The challenges facing Veterans in New Hampshire of being able to access local, timely care has been an ongoing challenge, and the rollout of the VA Choice program has presented significant road blocks for our Veterans and providers alike.  Hospitals are committed to serving these brave men and women by providing them with high quality care close to him, when they need it most. 

And secondly, the NHHA Board of Trustees endorsed the Campaign to Change Direction, a statewide initiative focused on changing the culture of mental health in New Hampshire.  By removing the stigma associated with this disease, we can betterhelp those suffering with mental illness get the care and support they need.  This couldn’t be a more pressing need for our Veterans, given the stunning number of those who are taking their own lives as a result of the trauma that is associated with the wars and violence they’ve endured.  By bringing mental health care out of the shadows and into the mainstream, we can raise awareness about these issues and change the culture around mental health. 

God bless the brave men and women who have served our country on this Veterans Day and every day.


Steve Ahnen