Veteran's Affairs Medical Center
Veteran's Affairs Medical Center
718 Smyth Road
Manchester, NH 03104

(603) 624-4366
FAX: (603) 626-6576
Kevin Forrest
Kevin Forrest
Title Extension Name
Director 6000 Kevin Forrest
Assistant to the Director 6059 Will Gagne
Secretary 6004 Margaret Bieler
Interim Chief of Staff 6008

Glen Gechlik, MD

Assistant to Chief of Staff 6012 Stephen Tacopina
Care in the Community 2722 Brian Phemester, MD
Chief Nursing Executive 6072 Jennifer Winslow, MBA, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC
Chief Information Officer 6618 John Foote
Acting Chief Financial Officer 6481 Wilfred Gagne
Chief of Pharmacy 6112 Mary Jean Kellerman
Acting Manager, Primary Care Service Line  2540 Lisa Marrache, MD
Manager, Geriatrics & Extended Care Services Line  6216 JRitamarie Moscola, MD
Manager, Specialty & Acute Care Services Line  6009 Lisa Marrache, MD
Supervisor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine  6638 Kevin Hall
Chief of Radiology 6275 Edward DeAngelo
Acting Protestant Chaplain 6185 Father Thomas Steinmetz
Chief of Dental Service 6286 James N. Hamilton
Team Leader, Nutrition & Food 6406 Nancy Romano
Librarian 6033 Mary (Mimi) Guessferd
Chief of Prosthetics 6488 Patricia Kuhlhoff
Manager, Mental Health Service  Line   6721 Claire Tenny, MD
Chief of Quality Management 6006 Elizabeth Southerland
Social Work POC 6468 Kristin Maxwell
Human Resources Officer 6606 Brian Ricard
Public Affairs Officer 2550 Kristin Pressly
Compliance Officer 6537 Ellen Gagne