2020 Legislative Session Wrap Up


The year 2020 has been one for the ages, certainly nothing like any of us have ever experienced before and hope to never repeat again.  While the 2020 legislative session ended on June 30, 2020, it was certainly not the session that was envisioned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the State of Emergency that was declared by Governor Sununu in mid-March, the State House was closed, and the legislature was unable to continue their work on bills until late May. House and Senate leadership ultimately did establish a process that allowed them to address some pending legislation. Since the House had passed a number of bills originating in that chamber prior to the State of Emergency declaration, the Senate was able to use some of the House-passed bills as a vehicle to add a number of Senate bills that they identified as priorities. A number of these bills were bipartisan and the Senate leadership (Democrats and Republicans) drafted amendments to the available House-passed bills and held virtual hearings during the early part of June. The result was a number of “omnibus” bills that included many Senate bills that the Senate had determined were high priority, meaning either the passage of the bill was time sensitive and/or it was COVID-19 related.

Fortunately, thanks to the work of all of our members, there were several NHHA priority bills that were included in the Senate list of priority bills and were ultimately passed by both the Senate and House and signed into law by Governor Sununu.

Despite this success, there were still a number of bills that did not ultimately get signed into law this year. NHHA will work with legislators to request that these bills be re-introduced in 2021. These bills include establishing the commission to study workplace safety, the reporting of health care associated infections and the integration of the controlled drug prescription health and safety program with the electronic medical record.

The list of bills below incorporates many bills (via amendment); some of those provisions represented by various bills are not directly related to hospitals, however, they are all listed below with the relevant bills identified with the specific RSA and effective date.

As with our entire legislative agenda and activities, it is your active involvement that enables us to be successful. Our success is built upon that partnership, and we thank you for your leadership and engagement.

** Links to the bills and affected statutes are provided below. Please note that the online RSAs are provided for ease of reference, however they have not yet been revised with the enacted changes.


August 2020 - State Laws Affecting Hospitals 


All of the bills that NHHA is following can be found on our web site here.


To download a list of bills affecting hospitals, the RSAs and the effective date, please click here.

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